Lauren, Airline Purser 

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing the Elite Crew VIP Aspire course, I found the course content really informative and I felt every aspect of a VIP flight was covered. I currently work as Cabin Crew for a commercial airline and this course really opened my eyes to the details, hard work and high levels of service that are required to work in the private sector. The course structure really well laid out and I found it easy to follow and it really suited my learning style. The interview skills and preparation module was a fantastic addition which I found really helpful.

Chloe, Airline Cabin Supervisor

I completed the Elite Crew VIP aspire course within a few hours and felt at the end I’d gained a lot of invaluable knowledge. Having been crew for almost ten years but never having worked in the private sector, when applying for jobs it’s a daunting thing to not know what to expect and not feel you have the relevant experience. Having completed the course I now feel I’m armed with tools which would put me in good stead to apply for jobs, stand out from the crowd and also have the confidence in my ability to do the job, rather than going in as a total novice.

Fiona, Airline Business class trained cabin crew.

I have just completed the Elite Crew VIP Aspire course. I currently work for a premium airline and work in both First and Business class. This course enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of what different consumers require and expect. It also showed me, the precision required and the hard work which goes into working a private sector. I was impressed with the attention to detail, thorough content and layout of the course. I found the ‘Top Tips’ really helped and added that personal touch. Although being successful in my current role, I have always found interviews daunting, having a section dedicated to CV writing, interview do’s and don’ts is a great addition and something I really learned from. Overall I really enjoyed this course.

VIP aspire
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