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Why is the EliteCrew VIP Aspire Course the solution to the current job crisis?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

As the Covid-19 lockdown lifts slowly there are 2 main factors that will drive recruitment in the VIP Cabin Crew and Corporate Jet economy.

Ability to travel safely in small groups – as reported by BusinessJet publications which are reporting a 400% increase in queries and bookings

According to a report made by GlobeAir, compared with commercial flights, flying private is 30-times less risky in terms of exposure to an infected person. With a minimal risk of infection and the ability to fly long distances, private aviation has proven attractive to those who can access it.

Therefore, by becoming more and more popular because of the limited contact with other people during a flight, business aviation is set to continue its growth and support post-crisis recovery of the sector, adds the company.

Drastic restructuring of Terms and Conditions by all commercial airlines – as reported by Reuters.

We are then in the unenviable situation where a lot of Cabin Crew are worried about their livelihoods and looking for a means to survive financially. Even if you are looking for a job in the corporate world there are many ways to find work.

At EliteCrew, we recognise that money is short, but at the same time we designed our VIP Aspire Course to help bridge that gap of experience from mainstream cabin crew to corporate crew. The option exists to go to a recruiter or apply directly for jobs advertised online. But let’s also face facts, that every job will be so oversubscribed that even being Cabin Crew for many years might not be sufficient to be able to stand out.

In addition, even were you to be accepted on a job, almost all corporate jet cabin crew jobs don’t have training available to access. The world of VIP Cabin Crew isn’t the same as commercial aviation. Then if you have spent months simply not flying – how do you prove you have done something worthwhile in the interim besides fitness videos, Zoom calls and cooking more at home.

Also, the majority of VIP or Corporate Courses are one to three day events that would be attended in person. For obvious reasons that can’t happen in the present climate and cost more money.

Therefore, EliteCrew offers a well-designed online course that also leaves you with something to take forwards into any job. We also want to build a community of those who have taken our material, and so have created an open EliteCrew Facebook Community. We think it’s important for this to be a mutual effort. Many if not most Corporate Cabin Crew jobs are never advertised as they are offered through word of mouth and contacts. You will also find that some agencies can be helpful, but from personal experience, you are better off building your own network over time. This is why we have created an Elite Crew Facebook Group where we will post jobs as we see them, but more importantly, it is a place to start building your important network.

Summary of the Problem

Commercial cabin crew jobs are at risk, but corporate aviation is looking likely do very well in the post-Covid recovery. However any jobs will be oversubscribed and you need to demonstrate what you have done in the last 6 months but can’t access old-school courses as they are in person, then how do you make a online course as good as possible.

So that’s what we did with our VIP Aspire course. Firstly, what is the background of our team? It’s a combination of pilots with over 45 years combined experience who successfully built an aviation training company over 5 years ago, but EliteCrew is driven by Alexis Pedersen – who has worked in corporate aviation for over 15 years and wanted to impart her knowledge about the industry into helping others as well.

If you haven't got a proven track record, you will most likely be asked to complete a trial flight with passengers. This is where it is absolutely essential you know what is required and that you have the confidence to do the job well. Most operators will not provide any training, hence why it is so difficult to get that first job.

Our VIP Aspire Course is designed to help you fully understand the role and the specific skills and knowledge required to work onboard a private jet. Confidence is essential as you are on your own. There are so many tasks to complete and things to remember, which is why we designed the Elite Crew Handbook. It works as an A-Z guide from pre- to post-flight. This should help you to stand out and therefore increase your chances of being employed after a successful trial flight or simply help you stay structured and on top of your game as you build experience.

The key to our online course is that it is backed up with a Handbook which not only acts as a recap of the material learnt online, but crucially acts as a quick reference before, during or after a period of the service. This is sent in printed form along with the course completion certificate.

Our VIP Aspire Course covers 5 main areas, some of this will be familiar to regular or even first class crew. However, a lot of this is new, as you will have to become self-reliant, such as creating menus, provide exceptional one to one service and knowing how to go the extra mile.

It covers the following areas in detail:

Pre-Flight Preparation

Service Standards and Specialities

Post-Flight Duties

Customer Service

Interviews and Recruitment

The last section is especially important in the current climate – you need to show how you will stand out. But a lot of us have not changed our resume for many years and this suggests some tools that will help you to do that.

We hope this summary of our course and the rationale behind it inspires you to take on online offering and get yourself ahead of others in these tough times.

Becoming a VIP flight attendant requires hard work and dedication and you will need to do your research and learn new skills. If you work hard enough and can make yourself stand out, you are more than likely going to get a response from an application offering you your dream job.

Working as VIP/corporate cabin crew will give you an opportunity to meet people you never could on a regular job, such as royal family members, superstars and billionaires and you will travel to places you have never been to before.

We can help you take the first step and make your CV stand out from the crowd by taking our VIP Aspire course – find out how at EliteCrew.

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