Is becoming a VIP flight attendant the way to get a job during Covid-19?

Updated: May 18, 2020

In the Covid-19 world, commercial aviation is in lockdown, but are there some glimmers of light for all flight attendants furloughed or worrying about their jobs.

There exists a world however far beyond commercial aviation which in these times can be highlighted as a possible future source of jobs and income. There is a key role being played by corporate aviation, which is continuing to deliver vital transportation services, cargo, medical and repatriation flights, as part of the essential critical infrastructure.

Within corporate aviation, there are opportunities for VIP flight attendants to get involved, perhaps in a voluntary capacity and securing a position as the economy picks up as explained later. For now, services at all the main bases remain operational day and night, as the sector recognises its responsibilities to support their country and our local communities to deliver vital support where it is most needed.

Some examples of how business aviation is contributing during Covid-19 are as follows:

  • Flights these past few weeks have included cargo operators bringing in essential equipment and medical supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE); flying technicians to manufacture ventilators, surveying the airport for potential COVID-19 operations.

  • Fixed based operators (FBO) are assisting the military, ferrying medical supplies and technical parts globally including the repositioning of 25 nurses to assist in countries in overseas territories.

  • Repatriation flights for both Government and stranded members of the public, with the FBOs working flexibly to accommodate customer needs. Others are helping with food deliveries and providing vehicles and volunteers to support their local charities.

Part of the role a VIP flight attendant will offer in the future is to show their country is open for business. During the rebound, it will be business aviation, more nimble and agile, that will recover first.

Why could this be the case? At larger airports within civil aviation, “it’s just physically impossible to socially distance with any volume of passengers in an airport.” (John Holland-Kaye, CEO Heathrow Airport). Some possible solutions suggest facemasks and temperature checks.

However, passengers could be nervous in large groups and this is where the business world is ready to step in, and possible VIP flight attendant opportunities. A small party of 5-7 people could look to hire a business jet and avoid the large airports, they will know (from earlier testing) they do not have the virus and with further advantages of no delays at embarkation or disembarkation, a time of their choice, and a journey just as efficient as anything a business class passenger could have 6 months ago, only safer.

Becoming a VIP flight attendant requires hard work and dedication and you will need to do your research and learn new skills. If you work hard enough and can make yourself stand out, you are more than likely going to get a response from an application offering you your dream job. Working as VIP/corporate flight attendant will give you an opportunity to meet people you never could on a regular job, such as royal family members, superstars and billionaires and you will travel to places you have never been to before.

We can help you take the first step and make your resume stand out from the crowd in these competitive times by completing our online VIP Aspire course.

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