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A day in the life of a VIP Cabin Crew

As the Covid-19 lockdown lifts, there will be people who will prefer to travel by business jet for health and safety reasons, and this is supported by research coming from elsewhere, which we will cover in the near future.

The EliteCrew VIP Aspire course is designed to equip you so when you apply for a corporate jet opportunity you have that X-factor which makes your CV stand out. But why should you want to apply for a job in the VIP world, what can you expect? We’re now seeing a number of job postings in our EliteCrew Facebook group.

Becoming a VIP cabin crew is a fantastic job that many people only ever dream of doing so let’s have a look at what this job can look like by a typical day as a corporate crew member, especially the sections before and after the clientele are on the aircraft.

The work can be demanding, as much as it could be in the airline environment, arriving into your hotel late one evening, getting a good night’s sleep but not always having the time to explore where you are staying. On the other hand, you might be accompanying a family on their annual holidays, and you have the chance to relax by a beach with the rest of the crew for a week in the Caribbean sunshine. There is a lot of chance of variety and you have to make sure that’s what you are looking for.

Once you are called out for a flight you can expect as little as 1 hour to get ready – if you are down route just enough time to repack your suitcase have something to eat, then set off to begin prepping the catering and stock shopping. If you have been left to do so yourself, and are not relying on a catering company for all the stock, you might be expected to prepare and set off to make sure you arrive at the airport with at least 2 hours to spare (unless you are flying an empty leg). The snacks and beverages are usually backstock items and are there “just in case.”

It might be that you are going to be flying more than one leg, for instance an empty positioning sector to collect the client before taking off again, so you need to prepare for more than one flight as you won’t have time once you land. However, you also need to be prepared and flexible. Sometimes by the time you get to the jet, everything has changed and the mission has changed altogether, it pays to be organised and thinking ahead to all the possibilities that might happen and preparing accordingly. Always have some non-perishables as a backup that could pretty much be used anywhere.

Also, depending on whether you are working for a private family or in a more corporate role, you might have different customers and volumes. So what was once originally a planned empty leg is now full and vice versa. You have to be prepared for that, as much mentally so that nothing fazes you.

Once you rendezvous with the crew you make your way to the jet and begin the process of preparing the service and equipment. If you are lucky you might have an empty leg to do a lot of this preparation, otherwise it’s done prior to your VIP passengers boarding. For instance, roses are a popular choice for dressing the cabin, although there may be certain circumstances where that is not appropriate or simply not available in the stock you have been given or can source.

It’s then a case of cleaning the cabin, reorganising the material ready for service. This includes putting the stock away, preparing a snack basket for initial boarding, a selection of magazines, with further snacks hidden away (as you don’t want them eating through them and having nothing left in the flight). Then it’s time to set up the welcome table, cut the flowers so they are at their freshest when the passengers begin boarding and following an empty sector reclean the cabin – particularly if the material is black and has a mirrored finish (it can’t get any worse than that) which means any smudge would show. Spray the cabin just prior to boarding and then away we go.

During the cruise, one is assisting the passengers and providing exceptional customer service - which is covered in the EliteCrew VIP Aspire course. You can expect to prepare food, beverages, make beds, help with any kids, all sorts of duties. If things do get a little quieter once you have looked after your passengers, always take time out and remind yourself that you are lucky in that you are possibly in a smaller jet than the large Airbuses and Boeings, and can enjoy some wonderful views of the world at 35000ft and get paid for it. It’s as near to the views the pilots see from the flight deck, which are some of the greatest in the world. You’ll also have the chance to land in airports much smaller than the “big” airports, which again are some wonderful experiences and sights to behold.

However, unlike a commercial aircraft after landing the works starts again. Firstly, the aircraft needs cleaning again, which might mean more than just a polish but a deep clean especially if there were pieces of food on the floor, and maybe children were scrawling on the foldout trays!

Blankets either need to be washed by the FBO (Fixed-Base Operator) or if you are unlucky enough not to have one, you might have to take then to your hotel and wash them there.

There is then a stock check and depending on what you will be doing with the jet – either taking any non-permanent fixtures such as newspapers and magazines of the aircraft or having it half-ready for the next series of flights.

Always consider leaving an aircraft the way you would want to find it, even more so as a single crew member – as there will be no one else to rely on except yourself. This will also include the inventory paperwork, trip report and handover report. Then getting a good nights sleep before either another day of work or taking time to pamper oneself!

More of this kind of content can be found on our VIP Aspire Course.

We hope this inspires you to move forward in your career and consider other options when you need a new challenge.

Becoming a VIP flight attendant requires hard work and dedication and you will need to do your research and learn new skills. If you work hard enough and can make yourself stand out, you are more than likely going to get a response from an application offering you your dream job.

Working as VIP/corporate cabin crew will give you an opportunity to meet people you never could on a regular job, such as royal family members, superstars and billionaires and you will travel to places you have never been to before.

We can help you take the first step and make your CV stand out from the crowd by taking our VIP Aspire course – find out how at EliteCrew.

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