I started my flying career as cabin crew with the charter airlines, but I always knew I wanted to work on private jets. But it wasn't easy, which is why we decided to design the VIP Aspire course to bridge the gap.

Alexis, Elite Crew Ltd Co-founder and experienced VIP Cabin crew.

what it takes to get that first job

I am pleased to say that changing career from the airlines to corporate aviation has been one of my best decisions. Personally, I have flown on a variety of private jets incl. large widebody aircraft with royal families to the smaller chartered jets. I have worked harder than I ever did in the airline industry, but I have also had my fair share of days off in the Caribbean sun or days off to explore large cities such as NYC. But most importantly, my job satisfaction and the experiences I have had are truly amazing. I am also a big fan of the flexibility it has given me. 

The great thing about being experienced VIP Cabin Crew is that you can pick up freelance work, which can be very lucrative, but it also offers tremendous flexibility as you're not working to a roster. 

As you will be able to see when searching job ads for VIP Cabin Crew, they tend to favour extensive experience, ideally on corporate jets or second-best, in first class.

There will be many applicants from all over the world, as these jobs are often well paid and sought after - which is why it is essential to stand out. We strongly believe that our VIP Aspire Course will give you that crucial step ahead, whether it is during the application stage, or when you get offered a chance to do a trial flight. 
Working on small/medium private jets is very different from working in first-class and naturally completely different from working on a charter airliner - which is where I started my own flying career. So take me as living proof that with the right training and attitude anybody can enter this industry. Perhaps you are working in other hospitality jobs with no previous flying experience, don't let that hold you back.

Many if not most Corporate Cabin Crew jobs are never advertised as they are offered through word of mouth and contacts. Personally I get approached directly, through a recommendation from previous employers or colleagues. You will also find that some agencies can be helpful, but from personal experience, you are better off building your own network over time. This is why we have created an Elite Crew Facebook Group where we will post jobs as we see them, but more importantly, it is a place to start building your important network.    

If you haven't got a proven track record, you will most likely be asked to complete a trial flight with passengers. This is where it is absolutely essential you know what is required and that you have the confidence to do the job well. Most operators will not provide any training, hence why it is so difficult to get that first job. 

Our VIP Aspire Course is designed to help you fully understand the role and the specific skills and knowledge required to work onboard a private jet. Confidence is essential as you are on your own. There are so many tasks to complete and things to remember, which is why we designed the Elite Crew Handbook. It works as an A-Z guide from pre- to post-flight. This will help you stand out and significantly increase your chances of being employed after a successful trial flight or simply help you stay structured and on top of your game as you build experience. 

I trust the above offers some insight into how to get your first job. As with any job, the key is to stand out and to have the confidence and skills to do the job well.
So I would encourage you to join us on our Elite Crew Facebook Group and ask any questions you may have about the job or how we can help you moving forward.

Good luck and best wishes


Stand Out!

Make your CV standout from the rest. Having relevant VIP training or previous experience will be a distinct advantage. 

We offer a comprehensive sect-ion on CV writing and interview techniques and questions.


Be Confident! 

You will be working on your own. So planning and preparing for the flight is essential. 

Our Elite Crew Handbook is an excellent tool to help you stay confident.

Knowledge & Skill

Regardless of previous airline experience. Being crew on small/medium private jets requires unique knowledge & skills.

Our VIP Aspire Course will teach you all you need to know.

VIP aspire
Online training course & Free Elite Crew Handbook.

From only  £49  



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