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Online training course & Free PDF Elite Crew Handbook.

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Standout and find your next job as a VIP cabin crew member

Learn more about the importance of standing out and how the VIP Aspire course can help. Alexis, Co-Founder of Elite Crew Ltd & Experienced VIP Cabin crew, explains how to land that first job.

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Are you working as Airline Cabin Crew and want to do something different? 

Do you want to work at the top of your profession and show off the skills you've learnt over many years? 

If yes, you've come to the right place! At Elite Crew we open the door into corporate aviation. However, in a COVID reality money is tight and we are all stuck at home more than before.   That's why our founder, Alexis alongside a team of industry experts has designed the best Online Course you can take to break into the VIP Cabin Crew world. It will help you get ahead in this exciting and competitive industry by giving you the right

  • skills, knowledge and mindset

  • flight preparation and planning

  • customer service, interview technique and recruitment.

Making the leap to becoming a VIP cabin crew member is an exciting step towards a rewarding and challenging career.  Let us open the door for you...


Who we are and how we can help

We are a team of aviation professionals ranging from corporate pilots and cabin crew to airline pilots, with many years of aviation experience including training. We have close contacts within the corporate jet industry, which will help any aspiring crew member on their way. Our training courses are designed by crew members with vast experience on both large wide-body private jets, including the B747 and B767, as well as the more traditional short and long haul corporate jets. We are striving to offer high quality and standardised training, tailored to the corporate and business jet market, as well as providing the sector with highly skilled and motivated individuals.

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We specialise in providing training for most aspects of the VIP cabin crew role, focussing on flight preparation and planning, customer service, interview technique and recruitment.  We make it easy for you to reach your potential with a series of innovative products that are tailored to meet the discerning needs VIP aviation industry.

Bespoke Courses for Corporate Jet Operators

Are you looking to raise the bar in your customer proposition? Professional operators want things done the right way, first time.  That is why we provide bespoke corporate crew training that is tailored to meet the needs of your business. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships and delivering excellence every time.

worldwide relevant training

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Ruthza, America

It’s really helpful I love the classes and each chapter I went through this VIP COURSE, the staff it’s very friendly to help you with the process. 5stars!

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Lorena, UK

I like that everybody can do this course, you don't have to work in aviation and have any experience.